Hi Everyone, Welcome to my Blog!!

I’m a Marketing Professional with Masters in Business Administration and a major in marketing. Being a marketing enthusiast I’m totally into understanding and deciphering marketing campaigns.

Today both large and small scale organizations are using online marketing campaigns. Due to a large audience base and more control over the campaigns, marketing online is profitable for every organization.

So the real question is:
How the big companies and the new startups are using digital platforms to target their audience? What strategies they are using to increase their reach? What they are doing better than their counterparts to increase their market share?

“While it is wise to learn from experience, it is wiser to learn from the experiences of others.”

Rick Warren

Here on this website, I’ll be sharing Blogs related to these marketing campaigns. I will be talking about all those marketing aspects which proved wonders for the organizations. I will be discussing the campaigns that brought the organizations into the limelight or helped them in engaging customers.