Ryan Reynolds company American Aviation Gin did it again taking the marketing campaigns to a whole new level.
Ryan Reynolds who is known for his sarcasm and witty replies along with his company American Aviation Gin took the marketing campaigns to a whole new level. Last holiday season they took onto the commercial of Pelotons stationary bikes.

A still from Peloton Advertisement. Photograph: Youtube/Peloton

Last holiday season when peloton an exercise equipment company came up with a commercial “Grace From Boston” for their stationary bike. The whole internet went mad as netizens perceived this commercial as sexist, elitist towards the women.

In the advertisement, it’s shown that a husband gifts his wife a peloton stationary bike after which his wife makes a vlog for a year of using the same. The ad went viral immediately among netizens following the criticism over social media handles and not to mention the woman’s expressions which at some points in the advertisement looks like the face of fear took it to the new level as people look at it as the “Peloton’s depiction of women body image and marriage”.

Taking advantage of the situation the King of Sarcasm Ryan Reynolds & American aviation Gin came up with an advertisement within 15 days featuring the same model of peloton’s ad. In which she is now shown looking straight in the camera, sitting with her two friends, Sipping a glass of aviation gin martini, and saying “it is Smooth”. Later its shown that her friends are telling her “you’re safe and you look good” then she gulps the entire glass of martini by saying “To new Beginnings”.

This Advertisement shook the Marketers all over the world as it was a complete package with the complete fusion of social media marketing and traditional marketing methods. While maintaining the tone and voice of the brand Ryan Reynolds and the team delivered yet again a masterpiece. Ryan Reynolds also tweeted the same with the caption “Exercise Bike Not Included” in an old Ryan Reynolds way.

A still from Aviation Gin Advertisement. Source: youtube/ryan reynolds
Key takeaways for Marketers:
  • Social Listening is an important aspect of Marketing Strategy.
  • Focus on including brand Voice and Tone in marketing campaigns.
  • Time is key when launching a new campaign.

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