As the US Election 2020 is around the corner, and a very hot topic in world politics as well as The United States (with respect to some of the events that happened in the past few months). Both Republican and Democrats campaigns are in full swing. With Donald Trump eyeing another term as President of the United States, Joe Biden of Democrats is all set to stop him from hitting the homerun.

The main issue faced across the globe when it comes to election is the low turnouts. Brands took this as an opportunity and came out with different campaigns encouraging the youth to register as a voter and practice their right to vote in the upcoming US Elections 2020. Here are some of the examples:


Reddit is out with its first-ever OOH advertisement campaign, Up the Vote which encourages people to get active in the upcoming US elections 2020. Reddit along with R/GA came up with an idea about the campaign. The Campaign is focused on increasing the active participation of US Citizens in the upcoming US Elections.

US Election 2020
Reddit Campaign “Up The Vote”

Reddit was about to launch its first major advertisement campaign earlier in the month of January focused on its 15th anniversary but due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, it went off the shelf. Seeing the ultimate opportunity as the US elections Reddit is out with the campaign. Voting is something which is the heart of Reddit, on average Reddit users vote an estimated 165 million times daily.

The campaign is set to run in four markets, New York, Chicago, Houston, and Los Angeles, which were chosen because they are strongholds for Reddit. Digital ads will also appear nationally on the platform itself. In Addition to the Ooh and In-site campaign, Reddit is also planning to Run AMA’s (Ask Me Anything) campaigns with experts for Voters education and right.

In the Advertisements, it can be seen that Reddit identified the most voted posts on its platforms and compared it with the impact if those many votes were cast in the US elections.


OkCupid one of the Dating apps came up with a campaign called “Voters make better Lovers”. Based on the survey done by OkCupid among its users they came up with a conclusion that Politics have an impact on dating life. A State-wise survey was conducted among the users to know what they feel about the major issues. To make their users understand the importance of voting they released statistical data covering each state.

OkCupid Campaign “Voters make better Lovers”

In their OkCupid Voter 2020 Report, they showed that a registered voter is more likely to get a match and have a date. They showed how Practicing your right to vote is the biggest turn-on to OkCupid singles today. They even released a Voters 2020 Badges for the profiles who are registered as a voter. This actually triggered the users to register as a voter. They also released the demographics of the OkCupid Registered Voter by gender and generations as shown below:

  • 83% of Gen Z are registered to vote
  • 90% of millennials
  • 93% of Gen X
  • 95% of Baby Boomers
  • 91% of women
  • 89% of men


Pepsi was not far behind in the race to cash on US Elections 2020. Pepsi teamed up with Rock the Vote and came up with an interesting new campaign named “UNMUTE Your Voice”. The campaign is 30-sec TVC focused on the multicultural American youth, who are leading population growth. Despite their activism and even though current political decisions will affect their future as much, if not more than any other group, young people tend not to be enthusiastic voters. Pepsi has targeted multi-cultural young people in their campaign.

Pepsi Campaign “Unmute Your Voice”

In the commercial, it can be seen that people are speaking about their problems but cannot be heard as they are muted. Pepsi wants them to unmute themselves and to be heard for a great future. The campaign is focused on encouraging the youth to register as a voter and practice their right to vote in the upcoming US Elections 2020.

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