Moment Marketing is the new way of engaging with your target audience. Companies realized that it helps them to reach their target audience in a quick time with marginal costs. More and more brands are focusing on moment marketing now. With over 2.4 billion people on Facebook and 1 billion people on Instagram, Meme culture is on the rise.

Latest Moment Marketing came from #binod which started trending on Twitter India after a youtube channel “slay Point” in their video “Weird Comments on youtube video” Discussed a comment from someone named Binod Tharu as “Binod” and how 7 people liked it as well.

Soon after that video went viral, #binod started trending on twitter. Many organizations looked at it as an opportunity to engage with their audience and started sharing Tweets by using the hashtag.


Netflix India took this as an opportunity to give a shout out to their customer who was tweeting “Pehle Al Panico ki movies add karle” for the last one year on Netflix India Twitter handle. They Retweet and said, “In addition to the appreciation for #Binod, let us not forget another hero, Armaan, who has commented this on every tweet of ours for the last year.

Netflix India using #Binod for shout out to Armaan

Paytm was one of the first few to join the league, which when prompted by its followers changed its name on Twitter to Binod. They even replied with “Done” to one of its followers Gabbbar.

Paytm changed its name to Binod on Twitter.

Tinder India used the #Binod to let their audience know that Binod is on Tinder. They later retweeted their own tweet with “Binod just Matched with Binodnini”.


Airtel, on the other hand, used #Binod for UGC approach (User Generated Content) by asking their followers to Recieve all call with “haan #binod bol”, and comment and tag airtel with their reactions.


Swiggy used #Binod campaign to remind their audience that they are turning 6 by tweeting “We think Binod will be the first person to call and wish us at 12 tonight”

Government Organizations were not far behind in seizing the opportunity of using the #Binod. Many Police Departments used #Binod for creating general awareness.

Mumbai Police

Mumbai Police used #Binod to create awareness about online security. They asked Binod to change his password as he is way too viral now.

Nagpur Police

Nagpur Police used #Binod to create awareness about the ongoing pandemic Covid-19 and asked to stay home.

Jaipur Police

Jaipur Police went onto explaining the meaning of Binod in their tweet. They explained what each letter in Binod stands for.

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