Burger King Returns to France and the entry was Grand.

Burger King? No, we love to call them the Viral Marketing king. The American Hamburger Chain is known for its highly active social media accounts and produced some of the best Social Media campaigns. Where without using much of the investment they were able to earn a huge amount of profits. This is what they did in France. The Home of the Whopper closed its 39 restaurants in the country back in 1997 after failing to make profits and win over the people to its charbroiled taste.

Burger King made a comeback into the French Market in the year 2012 with only 20 restaurants in a country that had more than 2,000 restaurants and 150 new openings every year. After being out from the market for almost 15 years the American Hamburger chain was new to the market and it was really difficult to build a restaurant chain overnight. People had to wait in long ques to get a meal from Burger King, most of the cities didn’t even have an outlet. As a result, people got impatient and became extremely angry and started Tweeting about the same on Twitter.

Burger King taking advantage of the situation used what they had in hand (Tweets). Burger King came out with an interesting Campaign and first of it’s kind “Angry Tweets”. They turned the most boring media, Construction panels into one of the most exciting ones.

Burger King

They used the angriest tweets form the city they were about to open a restaurant on their construction panel, and trashed talked them back directly on construction panels. Which was very unconventional, as Burger king took care of the sentiments of their customers and holding to the tone and voice of the brand they replied them back as well as a part of social listening, which proved wonders for the brand.


  1. The campaign earned the most ReTweets in the year 2014 more than 80,000 ReTweets.
  2. Total Budget spent: 5000 euros
  3. A total of 50,00,000 euros in Earned Media.
  4. Huge Media coverage that actually lets people know that Burger King is opening in their city.
  5. An average burger king restaurant served 2X meals every day than one of its competitors.


The campaign was taken very positively by people in France, as a result of the clever thinking by burger king without much investment and using Viral Marketing they were able to generate a huge amount of profits in the french market. They turned their biggest negative as a newbie in the market to be their greatest strength to capture the market. With the first billboard campaign fueled with trash-talking consumer tweets, Burger king was able to generate great media coverage without even investing in the same. Apart from that, the main reason they were able to do it so properly was that they were constantly listening to their consumers socially and knew what exactly was going on in social media. After successful social listening, it was important to address the matter socially while maintaining the tone and voice of the brand. Maintaining the Voice and Tone of the brand is extremely important socially because that’s an important attribute of how your consumer perceives you and a little deviation from it can bring about negative media and your whole campaign can backfire.

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